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My approach puts you at the center. So, this will be a collaboration from start to finish. I get to know who you are. I listen to what your needs and wants are. We'll discuss the experience, and I help you create the meaningful, intimate touchpoints that will make your event unforgettable.


Next, we'll talk about the elements you'd like to see featured. I'll pull inspiration from everything from your first date story and favorite colors to your occupations and dream vacation. Every design will tell your one-of-a-kind story in an exciting and cohesive way.

Whatever the occasion, SophScript Co. will deliver quality designs every time. 


Live calligraphy provides your event with an unforgettable highlight. Having a calligrapher onsite to calligraph gives you and your guests the chance to watch the art unfold before you. This can take two different forms: long-form or short-form.

1. Long-form calligraphy involves writing out vows, first dance lyrics, speeches, or special quotes for you and your guests to see. This is for the couple that wants to watch an heirloom take shape in the space where those words mean the most to you. And later, when it's hung in your home, it rewinds the clock for you to that moment for years after the day is gone.

2. Short-form calligraphy allows me to personalize gifts and favors for your guests (think names, sweet notes, and inside jokes). This is for couples who want to celebrate and thank loved ones by gifting them a unique memory and a keepsake that keeps them fully engaged in the moment. And if your favor includes glass or metal (like wine glasses, candles, or fragrances), I can engrave them for your guests for them to watch. I know-- so special!


Day-of stationery puts beautiful, meaningful signs and information in the environment you've been dreaming of. The sky's the limit when it comes to sizes, textures, and colors. Place cards and escort cards can be decor. Large signs can be a gorgeous vignette your guests will want in all their photos.  



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Submit an inquiry on the contact page for your event, telling me about you, your wishlist, and all the fun details.


I will respond within 2 business days with an invitation to schedule a get-to-know-you call on any open spot on my calendar. If I am not available for your event, you will receive a list of other calligraphers that I would recommend for your specific event. 


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We'll get on a Zoom call (or phone call), where I will share a little about myself before I ask you to share your story. Then, we get to dream aloud together, discuss details, and talk about budget.


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I'll send you an estimated cost for the projects that we will create based on your wishlist. Once approved, you'll receive an agreement to sign.

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Once the agreement is signed, it's official! We're working together, and the fun of designing can begin! I'll create a mock-up of our plans, and we'll create a timeline of when those get into your hands. 


All calligraphy used by SophScript Co. is done by hand, even when it is later digitized or enlarged for online or large projects. A list of writing styles can be found below. If there's a style that would suit your event that is not shown below, we can create a new one together.

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