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Carriage House in Galloway, NJ

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Gallery + Review

This was a long distance relationship that made it! By that, I mean me and my clients.

It was amazing to work with Dominique and Jerome for their New Jersey wedding while I was in California. Most of the designs would be no issue, but shipping large signs across the country could get really pricey really quickly. Keep reading to find out what we did instead.

To save on shipping large, heavy pieces, Dominique and Jerome were open to having cloth signs instead of something like wood or acrylic. Cloth signs are also flexible, meaning they can be shipped in a much smaller box than if we had used a rigid material.

Their table "numbers" matched perfectly. Each table was named after a favorite love song and was a smaller version of their large signs.

One small design element made its way from invitation to wedding day: their custom floral design. If you look closely at their welcome sign, you'll see the same illustrations I created on the oh-so-soft-and pillowy invitations. Did I mention I used the best handmade paper from LooseLeaf Handmade? In almost every consultation after this, couples would mention this invitation suite because the paper was such a great pairing with the design.

It was all worth it, but I can understand if you'd be hesitant to work with a vendor on the other side of the country for designs you will not see in person for a long time. It can be tricky, so here's what Dominique and Jerome had to say:

Why I Chose to Work with SophScript Co.:

I 100% did not go into my wedding planning process thinking I would hire a calligrapher. I thought I was going to DIY everything and make my invitations via Shutterfly. But when you were featured on Jamie Wolfer's Instagram, I thought, "Wow. This looks really elegant and beautiful." I just knew having calligraphy as a part of my wedding decor would really round out the aesthetic I was looking for. I chose to work with you for a few reasons. Your talent was obviously my initial attraction, but it went further than that. When I sent my first inquiry email, you replied quickly, while still hitting every question, concern, and even offering advice on what we could do to make my vision come to life... even if parts of my vision didn't exist yet. You gave me options. You were not pushy. It was almost as if we'd known each other forever when we spoke... Couples planning their wedding know how important this is. Finally, I wanted to do my best to hire vendors of color. While I had vendors from a mix of backgrounds, ages, and experience, I felt during my planning process that vendors of color were not coming up as recommended options as often. And with work so beautiful, I couldn't understand why. It seemed like a no brainer for me.

Concerns about Working Together:

My biggest concern came from you being on the opposite side of the country. But I tried to give you enough time to complete any projects we had and when we were cutting it close (thanks to last minute in-law additions) the offer to overnight my final pieces to me was so incredible. They made it on time so I could be stress free until my wedding day.

My Guests' Reactions Were My Favorite:

I got nothing but positive words from friends, family, and guests. People could not BELIEVE how beautiful it all looked, from the calligraphy on the envelopes, to the invitations, to the place cards, and signage, people were stunned. Multiple people told me they were even keeping their envelopes because they loved how their names looked in beautiful calligraphy. A friend texted me to tell me how much she loved my "Bougie and not basic invitations." I have a close friend who already plans on hiring your services when she gets engaged because she loved it so much. Really, my favorite comment came from one of the employees at my venue. As soon as I got to the venue, my bridal attendant came in and said "I have worked probably 500 weddings, and your decor is without a doubt my favorite I've ever seen. Who did all of your signs? They're so unique."

I Knew I Made the Right Choice:

I have been telling people (on wedding FB groups, IG, friends and family) for over a year now about working with SophScript Co. and how fantastic the experience was. Without Sophia, I feel like my wedding would have been left with loose ends needing to be tied. Everything was done with such beauty and purpose, and I couldn't imagine my wedding without it all. If you want your wedding to have personal touches, but DIY isn't your thing, please work with Sophia. She took the photos of my venue, a description of my dress, and things I wanted, and ran with it. She gave me options and let me choose, I never felt pressured... The cost was laid out with each option so there were no surprises. With a few of my vendors, I had a moment of "Did I make the right choice with them?" Never once did I have that fear with SophScript Co.

Such sweet words. We wish Dominique and Jerome the best, always!



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